Legal Requirements


Documents required for employment in &


Lithuania only:

  1.  Valid health certificate;

  2.  Application for employment;
  3.  Application regarding NPD (tax free amount of income);
  4.  Work agreement;

  5.  GDPR agreement;
  6.  Copy of ID card or passport (both sides of ID card on one page);
  7.  Valid Bank account.


EU contractors:

  1.  Work agreement;

  2.  GDPR agreement;
  3.  Copy of ID card or passport (both sides of ID card on one page);
  4.  Valid Bank account.


Только для российских контрагентов (дополнительная информация): 

  1.  Трудовой договор;

  2.  GDPR-соглашение;

  3.  Копия удостоверения личности или паспорта (обе стороны удостоверения личности на одной странице);
  4.  Действительный банковский счет;
  5.  Эл. подпись;
  6.  Номер ИНН, номер ОГРНИП и сертификаты.


Relocating to Lithuania (Bluecard):

  • A residence and work permit for highly-skilled non EU citizens;

  • Blue Card currently can be issued for Russian citizens that already have Schengen visa and are able to come to Lithuania to submit biometric data (or is already in Lithuania);

  • Employment of foreigners (not EU).