Communication Principles

Sales. Answer Requests. Regular Communication


1. Goal — make customers and company happier:

  • Clarify all customer needs. Switch to goal 2, if no support in customer plan
  • Answer all customer questions (with FAQ if possible)
  • Always answer more than customer asks for. Create FAQ if problem might repeat
  • Ask if FAQ/answer/landing is good enough and customer understood it


2. Goal — move to the next level:

  • Upsell with free or paid service
  • Finish conversation with clear (CTA) Call-To-Action
  • If it's live (phone, zoom,...) send short summary with CTA


3.  Goal — make system better:

  • Fill in all the information to CRM
  • Suggest system improvements (specify in ClickUp)
  • Proactively help customers who need help 


General rules:

  • Speed reply faster than customer expects
  • Information: 

           a) Start with client name. Always use correct grammar

           b) Use only positive and simple words

           c) Customer should be redirected to landing/FAQ (no long product or price details in email)

           d) Always suggest an alternative, never answer "There is nothing we can do"

           e) Never answer “It should be working“, but "We checked on our end and it worked, please check on your end and reply"

  • Channels:

           a) 1st message reply to the same channel (moving everybody to ticket system)

           b) Big partners or sales questions possible in emails

           c) If do not answer — use: additional emails, form on website, social networks, direct call

  • Why communication exists:
    a) Sales & marketing (if needed);
    b) Reputation management;
    c) Juridical & finance defence;
    d) Product problems monitoring and management;
    e) Clients keeping;
    f) Creating ideas for product development.


  • Rare language:
    • If the ticket question is asked in a language that we do not understand, we will answer the ticket in main language. We also enclose a version of the answer translated into the language in which the question was asked.
  • Question not clear:
    1. suggest a solution according to how you understand the problem;
    2. ask the customer to provide clarification of the problem (right attributes of the task).
  • Advertisement SPAM:
    1. Delete the user in database as we do not need such emails. 
  • 3rd party delays:
    • If ticket solution will delay unexpected time because of 3rd party, we will: a) nicely inform the customer; b) close the ticket; c) solve this problem independently (and inform when its done).


Communication inside the company