Screen Recording Rules


  • Recommended software OBS studio free software;

  • Resolution 1920x1080 (full HD); zoom: 100%; aspect ratio 16:9; fps 25; file format .mp4; video codec h.264;
  • Minimise improvisation: prepare scenario (step-by-step) for filming and voice over;
  • Avoid possible errors and disturbances (cleanup recording scene, remove personal data, bookmarks, links, shortcuts,...) to minimise post-production;
  • Wait up to 5 seconds after recording started before taking any action;
  • If mistaken — stop the recording and start recording new video from same place;
  • Before each click, always wait a few seconds and say what you are planning to do;
  • All videos must be saved in OneDrive in one folder named with date and project title.


Naming video files:

  • Files must be numbered in increasing order starting with 0 (01, 02, 03);
  • If needed add: 01-title-02;
  • Stamps of errors: 
    • 01-video-name.txt — for writing errors/corrections;
    • 23:11 – 24-50 delete.
  • Draft videos name by adding suffix -draft.

Video conferences and interview

  • Make a loud clap before filming with several cameras simultaneously (webcam, camera, smartphone…);
  • Leave space between person and edge of frame;
  • White Label when possible.