Key Values

The main thing that unites the team and helps to achieve common goals is value-based teamwork


Quality and decision making:

  • Solution = best that we can

  • Solution = solve systemically
  • Solution = upgrade an existing system (find old mistakes)
  • Solution = simplification (Lean)
  • Solution = automate
  • Solution = energy appears, feel good, looks nice
  • Solution = make life easier for people who will do the next upgrades
  • Solution = often is in the cause
  • Solution = no big complex negotiation between members
  • Solution = should be discussed with all related people


Honesty, openness, concern for the result and the team:

  • Openly and quickly describe the current situation 

  • Notify in advance if there is any possible work delay
  • Share knowledge with the team and pro-actively help
  • Always hear out the customer
  • Inside the team, we are communicating familiarly (ex.: 'tu', 'ti', 'you')  


Fast and pro-active learning:

  • Show areas that can be improved and make periodic improvements

  • Recognize the problem before it happens and inform about it
  • Learn and create by hearing out the customers 
  • Constant and simple testing of new methods
  • Up to 10% of the "paper" salary could be spent on task-relative studies



  • Each team member should specify instruction for his work

  • Or should be changed (all unchangeable team members should be changed)


Be a Team (P. Lensioni):

  • Modesty in work

  • Willingness to do more than it was asked (I'm doing everything around the task)
  • Desire to understand others and help them
  • Everybody has responsibilities — not the position
  • Team completely doing all person tasks while he is on vacation



  • We work with best suppliers and never work with assholes

  • Maximum productive workspace: fast hardware, best and legal software