Templates Rules


For New Templates Only

  • Find clear themed site examples for inspiration


On Update

  • Upload screenshot of template (to represent it in template library) 968x660px, <250kb

  • When template is approved, synchronize it to update all changes

  • Templates are available in v4 builder version only

  • Check the template on mobile device in builder mode



  • Maximum similar to real website

  • 3-6 menu items (pages or anchors for landings)

  • All content is relevant to website style and category

  • All content has CC0 license (free license)

  • Represent 2+ fashionable features: sticky, parallax, bg-video, animations, etc.

  • Header/Footer: set as shown on all pages

  • Max size: 8Mb

  • All file and template names only in English

  • Within each category, templates should look different


  • Width in "%" when possible

  • Height in "auto" when possible


Margins and paddings

  • Multiply factor: x10px

  • Use same margin/padding horizontally/vertically if possible

  • Use paddings to arrange content area inside layouts

  • Use paddings + min width + min height to form buttons

  • Use margins or % of width to make distance between elements


Fonts and texts

  • Default maximum size of content blocks 1200px

  • Create/edit templates in English

  • Use headers/short phrases only from Translator

  • Texts are clear and readable (high contrast between text and background)

  • 1 Font family is default (max. 2)

  • Check in Google Fonts if the font supports non-Latin symbols: Lithuanian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese. Review the template on these languages

  • Body min. font size 16px (even after scaling factor decreasing)

  • Body line height=+50% to font size (e.g. Font 16 px, Line height 24px). For headers may be less

  • Avoid Justify

  • Don't use custom font styles, delete them from styles list

  • Use for contacts: phone variable +00 000 00000, email info@example.com



  • All buttons and links are internal

  • All links have a hover effect when possible

  • Avoid fixed width for buttons

  • Logo is a text (may have icon near) with link to home page

  • Logic block have one common link


Images, icons, video, audio

  • Use only media with CC0 license:

  • For fixed background: 1920x1080 px, image size <400kb

  • For other images keep the size <250kb
  • Optimize images: Bulkresizephotos
  • Optimize video: online-converting
  • Default use images as picture elements / video as player
  • Use layout with background / shape with video only when there should be a content over it
  • Use crop tool to size images if needed
  • Set image/video size with min/max width, auto height. Use % for width/height
  • All content (images, videos, audio ,...) source ("src") should be inside template (not linked to external source)

  • Set images coordinates in galleries


Contact forms

  • Reset form height to auto

  • Add checkbox "I agree to the Terms..." if personal information is collected


Saving, Sharing & Publishing


To save draft template:

  1. Press Save as,
  2. Change template name by adding suffix -test
  3. mark make private
  4. to re-save, mark overwrite...
  5. Add template preview img png 968x660px, <250kb


To share draft template:

  1. Go to the Select template page and find your template-test
  2. Right-click on Preview button - copy link
  3. Use this link to share template preview: http://dev.site.pro/en/quick_preview/?id=[template ID]&login_hash=[login hash]


To publish the approved template:

  1. Make backup version of an old template and delete it from the template listing for users
  2. Overwrite the new draft template without suffix -test
  3. Delete the draft template with suffix -test
  4. Sync the template in dashboard, use dropdown button and mark only the template(s) that you need to sync
  5. When the catergory of templates is updated, enterprise email campaign should be sent
  6. Add best compositions from template to the composition blocks list
    video how to refresh category (RU)


To Edit/Add compositions:

  1. Go to Config - Prices - Edit B2b/B2C compositions

  2. Choose the category, add new or edit composition - Apply

  3. Sync V4 compositions in Dashboard

Blog compositions are edited in templates - Landing Page - Circle of life.

After editing, save and sync this template and update composition following the previous 3 steps.