Task Attributes

Every task should follow these attributes


Definition of "Done":

  • The task is done for 100%, not 99%

  • The main result (goal) achieved
  • Subtasks around the task are fixed
  • Related people confirmed the changes


Right attributes:

  • The task is clear, understandable and well-specified:

    • Bug-url, all related images, logs, user-id/company-id or ticket-id, related people (exact steps to reproduce issue)
      (so dev-team can easily understand issue without additional questions)

  • I (as the inside customer) checked if:
    • The supplier is competent and understood the task
    • The supplier is working smoothly and properly 
  • I raised my qualifications to manage the supplier competently


Wrong attributes:

  • I don't know why I have to do this

  • I don't care about the inside customer
  • I have done the work that I don't like but I didn't change anything
  • I am not optimizing the process
  • Returns to his manager (or customer) with a question but without a solution