Common goal:

  • Every team member increases rewards for everybody in the team. So team is motivated for common growth & grows together.

How to calculate the reward:

  • DinamicReward = CommonIncome * YourCoefficient * RegulorCoefficient;
    All variables in formula:
    • RegulorCefficient = 1 (in most cases). Each month could be regulated by the direct manager (in case of extremum);
    • YourCoefficient = YourQualification / SumOfTeamQualifications * 0,65;
      You get it after 1st month. It depends on team size as you see;
      YourQualification can grow only if you grow faster than team.
    • CommonIncome = income + income (direct income from customers);

Work together for a bigger pie:

  • BasicReward = MinimalRewardInAgreement;
  • Reward = max(DinamycReward, BasicReward);
    Rewards are transfering 1st working day, as month is passed;
  • QuarterBonus = QProfit * 25% * MyQCoefficient;
    Valid for members, who involved 6+ months in project. Usually its between 3-15% regular Reward (would be nice to reach 100%).
    • QProfit = QuarterIncome — QuarterExpenses;
    • 25% — Profit part that we pay for dividends (rest is for development);
    • MyQCoefficient = sum(YourCoefficient/max; Years/max; Loyalty/max; Optimisations/max; PaperOptions/max) / SumOfTeamQCoefficients.

Recommending new team member:

OnetimeBonus (after 3 months) = MinimalRewardInAgreement (of new team member) * 20%;

Recommended employee has to be involved  in the project for 3+ months.



  • For EU team: follow Lithuanian laws;
  • For Non-EU team: 2 weeks vacations after every 6 months.


Work time:


Office-life (appreciated) bonuses:

  • Familiarize with the team, processes, friendly atmosphere and good vibes only :)

  • Weekly yoga, healthy lunches, snacks and celebrations;

  • Innovative beautifull office with ergonomic workspace.