Product Testing


Testing layers: (should be done in 1-4 working hours).


Standard (all):

  1. Logic: does new features reach the goal;

  2. UX: do 3-5 users to reach the goal;

  3. Languages (and grammar): test at least with 2 languages;

    • SP: 2 languages (product and data): 1) native 2) one of: RTL, Chinese, Italian.

  4. Plans/Access: test with different plans (if needed). How different plans see the same feature;

  5. UI: does it follow our UI principles;

  6. Devices and screens:

    • 3 devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone (;

    • 2 browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

  7. Monkey test: different key combinations and shortcuts;

Maximum (most important):

  1. Unit testing: for most important tasks;

  2. Stress testing: small DDos, high-load;

  3. Security testing: bounty hackers.