Follow these easy steps to prepare you and circumstances for a successful start


  1. Prepare Teams (communication messanger) and Webmail. Credentials for both are in your email
    1. Install Teams on your PC (also recommended copy on mobile).
    2. Fill your photo in profile.
  2. Prepare  ClickUp (instructions, tasks)
    1. Login with company email to. Once you’ll sign in to your work email box you will find an invitation.
    2. Install time tracking extension to your browser (it saves a lot of time)
    3. Put your photo in here.
    4. Fill in your "Name" (if it's unique. Nicks close to original name also acceptable) or user uses "Name S." (if name already assigned to somebody).
  3. Prepare LastPass (for company password sharing)
    1. You will need to register with your personal (not work) email and install an extension to your browser. You can also use this for storing your personal passwords.
  4. Read important information:
    1. Company Values
    2. Scrum Process overview
    3. Tribal Attributes
  5. Check Structure
    1. Find yourself, your main responsibilities, and related people behind you
  6. Please confirm that you did all the steps