Landing creation rules 


Until Launch:

  • Know main goal, responsible person, and CTA

  • Check the last 20 tickets and if the landing answers users questions
  • Test it with 2+ potential users for 30-60sec. Ask questions how they understood the content
  • Ask the landing expert what is most important and then show the landing
  • Delete all unnecessary elements
  • Landing content must match the main keyword(s)
  • Landing must meet common SEO standards: correct title, completed description where alt tags and title are required
  • The landing must be reachable in the menu or other pages


After Launch:

  • Check grammar

  • Presentation to CTO & CEO
  • All variables added to translation system
  • Check other languages (links, spaces, if no errors appeared)
  • Check other servers — RU, EU, US ( only)
  • Add it to Search Console and check it on Google



  • The person who creates landing is responsible for all the content on that page

  • All landing elements must match the style of the website (non-standard elements are not allowed)


Technical details


The header height:

  • Max (600 px) — title page, home/video background

  • Midi (400 px) — highlighted menu pages (or first level pages)
  • Mini (300 px) — other



  • Photo/video — title page (banners for the experiments)

  • Colors — b2c/b2b segments, common pages
  • Possible block colors (below the title) — title color, white, grey (#dfdfdf)



  • The header is needed on all pages except 'Prices'

  • CTA on the header — needed in all pages except when below is general information (e.g. prices, panels)
  • The testing landing should be shown in EN only (with parameter showOnlyForLanguage="EN")