For Full-Stack Developer:

Create a simple commenting system using Yii1 framework:


  • Front-end: A person fills in a comment field (makes a post) without logging in. The post appears in the comments feed.

  • Administration area: administrator logs in and sees the list of comments, can edit/delete them. When a new comment is posted in front-end — administrator sees it in administrative area's list of comments updated in real-time using web-sockets.

  • Environment: Whole project must be in Docker.


Send us link to repository with the test.

For Content Manager:

  1. Analyse

    Q: Please find 3-5 main issues why blog is not #1 in the area. Which 3-5 main changes should we/you do regarding this?

  2. We have a unique functionality Website Import.
    Q: We want to write short article in English about it (min 800 symbols). What's this functionality about? What makes it unique? How does it help end users?

For Support:

  1. Our client wrote us this question:
    • I made the website with, but I bought the domain through How can I move my domain to
    • Q: What would be Your answer?
  2. Our CEO is going to Tanzania, and he needs to find LinkedIn contacts of these company's executives: and
    • Q: Can you help him?
  3. You need to drive from point A to point B with a total of 5,000 km in 15 days (you are unable to change cars during rental).
    • 2 car rental conditions:
      • A.  200€ / day, and no limits on kilometers
      • B.  60€ / day, but has limited mileage 120 km per day. The next kilometers will cost 0.80€/km;
    • Q: What is the cheapest way to do this?
  4. We have new functionality: We want to write about it in the forum:
    • Q: Where exactly to write about it? How would the post look like (that wouldn’t be blocked)?
  5. Practical task
    1. Register on
    2. Create a Personal website about yourself. Requirements:
      1. Use different elements (text, image, gallery, youtube, ...)
      2. The Mobile version should work properly
      3. Park existing (or purchase) domain or subdomain (not to this website
    3. Create Cloud brand on the "License" page.
      • Completely fill the brand with information (steps 1-3). Logo as your picture, Russian as default language, dark mode
      • Demo builder should work with ANY subdomain (not
    4. Create Online store about Прокат строительного инструмента в Бресте
      • Add 3 Items to the store
      • Publish it
    5. Q: We need as result: 5.2 and 5.4 urls, 5.3 public demo url
  6. Website import practical task
    1. Check your mailbox, and find an email from
    2. Register on click on the link in the email to activate your account
    3. Open website builder by clicking “Edit Website”
    4. Import website using “Website Import”
    5. When the website is imported, compare original website in the browser with the website in the website builder. Websites should look identical. Make adaptations in the website builder if something differs:
      1. Check all pages, fix elements' positions, size (when it is necessary)

      2. The Mobile version should work properly
    6. Publish the website


      7. Typing Test 

                     Q: We need a screenshot of your Typing Test results.


For Designer/UX/UI:

  1. You need to create a banner for our website (on home page), which shows that " website builder allows to create multilingual websites".
    Banner should be made according to website style.    
  2. Create your Portfolio website:

    1. Register on
    2. Create a website representing your portfolio

  3. Suggest 1-3 website builder UI visual improvements, that would speed up website creation process

For Product Owner:

  1. Register using this link and make simple website like

  2. Create CJM regarding users behavior (from website till your live website)

  3. Find 2-3 potential problems (bugs, UX problems, wrong flow, etc.) and highlight them on the CJM
    To solve these problems, please create 2 hypotheses that we can run at the same time to increase total sales x3 (lets say, now numbers are C0=20%, C1=3%.). Please include how much traffic we need to measure it with split testing.


  1. Užsiregistravus programoje, sukurkite testinę įmonę, kurioje: 

    1. Sukurkite Pirkimo įrašą

    2. Sukurkite Pardavimo įrašą ir sugeneruokite PVM sąskaitą faktūrą anglų kalba (sukurkite užklausą konsultavimo sistemoje ir prisekite failą)

    3. Suformuokite Pardavimo grąžinimą pirktoms prekėms

    4. Paskaičiuokite savo atlyginimą

    5. Suformuokite GPM313 deklaraciją (sukurkite užklausą konsultavimo sistemoje ir prisekite failą)

  2. Apskaitos įmonė naudoja kitą apskaitos programą,
    Q: Kokį laišką jai išsiųstumėte, kad pradėtų naudoti

  3. Klientas nori vesti BitCoin apskaitą su, kuris reikalauja mums indėlio į programą apie 30.000€. Nes turi būti padidintas tikslumas iki 8 ženklo po kablelio. Sako, ir daugiau tokių klientų bus. Bet klientas nenori mokėti daugiau negu 3.000€ už tokią integraciją, o vėliau įprastinę kainą.

    Q: Kaip elgtumėtės šitoje situacijoje? Reikia trumpo laiškelio klientui.


Vertėjui - administratoriui:

  1. Išverskite į rusų kalbą:
    Mass import from anywhere to builder.

    1. Choose brand in "My Licenses";

    2. Select "Mass Import" menu;

    3. Add a list of domains;

    4. Wait (import all websites to the builder);

    5. The end user clicks "Website Builder" button and finds their imported website;

    6. The end user clicks "Publish" and gets imported website live (on the server).

  2. Susipažinkite su veikla.
    Kokiuose projektuose dalyvauja, ką įdomaus dar radote, neįvardijant buhalterinės programos?

  3. Working with text. Find at least 3 typos on this page. redaktoriui:

  1. Ką siūlytumėte pakeisti struktūroje?

  2. Sukurkite straipsnį vadovaujantis taisyklėmis ir pateikite moderacijai;

  3. Praneškite mums el.laišku, kai užduotys bus atliktos.

Digital Marketing Officer:

  1. Register using this link and make simple website like

  2. Find 2-3 potential problems (bugs, UX problems, translations, wrong flow, etc.) and highlight them.

  3. Create 2 hypotheses that we can run at the same time to increase total sales x3 (lets say, now numbers are C0=20%, C1=3%.). Please include how much traffic we need to measure it with split testing.

  4. Please provide several ideas, how you would improve Collaboration page using SEO rank.

GH tests: 

  1. GH junior
  2. GH middle