For HR agencies


  1. We get 1-5 inquires per day from HR agencies, so please understand, we do not need so many people (only best of them)


We search for team members, who:

  1. Follow our values
  2. Follow our principles (at the top)
  3. Cost less then market, because their salary will grow faster


Please agree:

  1. We do not spend any time for meetings (except with candidates), as all information is on this page
  2. We do not do any advanced payments
  3. We do not pay dynimic fee, only pay fix fee (otherwise everybody will be interested to provide candidates huge margings)
  4. Guarantee period is at least 2 months
  5. Ready to do homework (paid in certain cases directly)
  6. We talk usually to 17 candidates (out of selected), before we choose right one. So, be ready


If all this fits best:

  1. Please fill up our requisites and send to ceo@ together with 1st candidate CV