Growth Management / PO


Rules for Hypothesis



  • 10 sec. — definition of KPI and  the essence. Telling what is doing with it, it is necessary for people from other projects to understand easily

  • 10 sec. — intermediate KPI. Suggestions on how to improve the term of testing
  • 10 sec. — formulation of the problem and questions. Or telling that there is none of them



  • What result do we have

  • What kind of knowledge did we get which would be useful for people from the other projects to easily apply



  • Basics: responsible person, ICE, START/DUE dates, tags B2B/B2C, and others

  • Essence: hypothesis has to be checked and measured. "Just do this" — is not a hypothesis
  • Title: the essence has to be clear from the maximally short title
  • Description:
  1. € — how much we are going to earn per year. Instead "*" write "x"
  2. The formulation has to be laconic (if/then)
  3. According to Evan Miller traffic is needed for hypothesis approval
  4. Data (traffic, conversion, etc.) must be recorded before the hypothesis is launched
  5. Update Data evey 25% of hypothesis period 
  • Statistical information: must be in tabular form
  • If for hypothesis realisation is needed to join other people — it must be discussed


Secret course for team only (in Russian)

Customer Development


Recommendations for scripts:

  1. Why do you do it now (5 why's)? How do you it nowHow much do you pay? Are you satisfied? Explain, please

  2. What is uncomfortable? What kind of problems do you meet daily? Please rate with number
  3. Please explain main factors that influent your purchase choise
  4. What will happen, if old service will stop working?
  5. Do you like to share more information with me?

Recommended to listen (by Yandex):

  1. Основы Customer Development (76 min);

  2. Продуктовые исследования (82 min);

  3. Решенческие интервью: как проверить ценность продуктовой идеи (74 min).