Communication Rules

We follow these rules to make customers and  company happy 

Structure (Get New Customer. Return Drop. Answer the ticket. New Registrations):

        1. Goal — make customers and company happier:

  • Clarify all customer needs
  • Answer to all customer questions (answer more than customer asks for)
  • Ask if FAQ/answer is good enough and customer understood it


      2. Goal — Move to the next level:

  • Upsell with free or paid service
  • Finish conversation with clear (CTA) Call-To-Action
  • If it's live (phone, zoom,...) send short summary with CTA


      3.  Goal — Make system better:

  • Fill in all the information to CRM
  • Suggest system improvements (when possible)


General rules:

  • Speed reply faster than customer expects
  • Information: 

           a) Start with client name

           b) Use only positive and simple words

           c) Customer should be redirected to landing/FAQ (no long product or price details in email)

  • Channels:

           a) 1st message reply to the same channel (moving everybody to ticket system)

           b) Big partners mostly in emails

           c) If do not answer — use: additional emails, form on website, social networks, direct call